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Hand-crafted exquisite pieces of Nandi Bull

Hand-crafted exquisite pieces of Nandi Bull – Cow Head Handcrafted

Nandi, the bull, is an important figure in Hindu mythology. He is the mount of the god Shiva and is often depicted as a loyal and faithful companion. Nandi is the name of the bull that Lord Shiva rides. He is also known as the gatekeeper of Lord Shiva’s abode, Mount Kailash.

Nandi is usually depicted as a white bull with a black head and tail. He is considered to be very sacred by Hindus and is worshipped as a god in his own right. Nandi is said to be an embodiment of truth, purity, virtue, and bliss. He is also known as the giver of joy and happiness. 

Hindus believe that offering prayers and flowers to Nandi brings good luck and fortune. Nandi is also believed to be the protector of dharma (righteousness). He is said to safeguard those who follow the path of truth and justice. Nandi is often invoked by Hindus during religious ceremonies and festivals. The word ‘Nandi’ in Sanskrit means ‘joyful’. 

The name ‘Nandi’ can also be interpreted to mean ‘the one who brings happiness. 

In many ways, Nandi embodies all of the qualities that are admirable in a friend. He is always there for Shiva, no matter what the situation may be. He is strong and courageous, yet also gentle and loving. Nandi is a symbol of loyalty, strength, and devotion, and he is someone that we can all learn from.

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Happy to have one of our hand-crafted exquisite pieces of Nandi Bull going for that reason. All are packed in a custom-made and hand-painted Gift Box in our studio.

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